About Alexa "The Pug Mom" 

Hi! Alexa here, although some people like to call me 'The Pug Mom'. I have been a certified professional pet sitter for about 5 years, an animal enthusiast and creative leader my entire life. I grew up in Southern California and when I wasn’t taking photos or at live music shows, I was at home with the dogs watching Friends. These days I reside in Las Vegas, Nevada with my two Pugs, Lily & Luna plus my half pug, Dixon. Through my pet care business, I want to honor the relationship you and other professionals, share with your pets. Whether it’s at the beginning of your journey together or nearing the end, I want to MAKE PET LIVES BETTER. One pet at a time, every day for the rest of their lives. If you want those things too, let’s talk! Las Vegas, I'm here for you ♥




The pug who saved my life  
Both of childhood dogs passed away within 3 months of each other in 2013 due to unexpected medical illnesses. I was depressed and really needed to fill my heart with the love of a new best friend. I was invited to apply as a Foster for the Southern Nevada Pug Rescue, which 3 months later I got the call asking if I could Foster an adult "black pug". I walked into the vet clinic to pick her up and there she was, just with her smile I knew she was my soulmate and best friend for life.


My mother and her friend found a fawn pug roaming the streets and not only did she have no collar on but she looked deathly ill. After a trip to the vet to confirm she had a microchip but no owner was registered plus a week of full meals to fatten her up, we knew she found us for a reason. Luna instantly became the yang to Lily's ying and we became a family of 3.
My 'ol lady' as I love to call her, now lives for food, naps & snuggles. She loves to wake me up in the mornings by playing the drums on my face or barking ☺


At the time he walked into my life I was a regular volunteer for the Southern Nevada Pug Rescue. I received an email that a Puggle desperately needed a new home. His family had loved him since the day he was born but they could no longer afford to pay for his medical expenses as he was suffering from untreatable allergies. Thanks to the help of SNPR and Dr. Blakesley at Southern Hills Animal Hospital, Dixon has been with us for 3 years now hotspot and pain free! He's a total 'Mama's Boy' and he has fun doing a stance for food & treats!

Meet my Secret Corgi's
Zelda & Winston

My older sister Cassandra is a Professional Dressage Rider and travels often for work. Currently she resides in Germany and during this time I get to become the "Corgi Mom" to my fun and playful niece & newphew duo.

Zelda is a total diva just like my Lily, lives for food like Luna and Dixon has taught her his food stance.

Winston is an old man with degenerative myelopathy. His illness doesn't stop him from living his life to it's fullest and he's one of the many reasons I started this website!


“Engaged & Professional”

As a fellow pug enthusiast, when I saw she went by "The Pug Mom", I was already sold.  Fortunately, when we met for the consultation, I found her to be super nice, engaged, and professional. Giving your house key to someone can be unnerving but I trust Alexa!  She visits Mon - Thurs every week and I get a text, photos, and portal update everyday on how the visit went. If she notices something "off" about one of them, she lets me know. (I really appreciate that.) I can't fully express what peace of mind I have knowing my babies are well cared for. 

— Liz (Gio, Liam & Penny)


She's a Pug Whisperer”

We used to spend hundreds of dollars on boarding per trip and the dogs came back and weren't themselves for about a week. Alexa takes care of our boys in their own home with so much love and affection, she's a pug whisperer! We can tell that she really loves them and knows how important to us that they are cared for. She anticipates our worries and feelings and makes us feel as comfortable as can be for being away. She is the nicest person in the world. Alexa we value you so much, thanks for all you do.

— Anonymous (King & Ace)

“That guilt & worry disappears”

As any pet owner, you know how easy it is to feel guilty about leaving your pets to go on a trip. Alexa makes that guilt & worry disappear. She truly loves your pets exactly as if they were her own. She sends updates and messages every day to check in on how they're doing, and she is incredibly knowledgeable when it comes to the health of your pet. She's even taught me tricks and tips along the way to help with allergies and other health issues along the way. I couldn't dream of leaving my fur babies with anyone else. If there were 10 stars, she would deserve 20.

— Missy (Baxter, Ruby & Winston)


“Made us feel comfortable”

Alexa is amazing! The first time we hired her to watch our dogs was when we got our puppy and had a trip to Mexico. It was quite nerve-racking leaving our two pups with someone, but Alexa made us feel comfortable. She kept us up-to-date with how they were doing, and even shared pictures of them with us. Since then, we don't even look to boarding. It's so much nicer to have the dogs at home where they are comfortable, and can relax. I will use Alexa everytime I need my dogs taken care of!

— Rachel (Olympia & Thor)