Pets of Las Vegas is a resource for pet owners, to help you navigate the journey of MAKING YOUR PET'S LIFE BETTER! It’s the official network directory of service providers who offer professional pet care to the entire community of Southern Nevada. It's the go-to website for pet owners and professional to share their stories and connect through their beloved pets! I originally became a Professional Pet Sitter to help pet owners live the life they deserved, but with time I realized that caring for pets wasn't solving the declining professional pet care of today. At the end of the day, you can hire anyone to take care of your pets, but they all can't be trusted especially those who are not licensed, insured & bonded. Hiring friends or family to care for your pet might work for some families, but a pet professional is like being a part of the family. Pet Care is more than just getting the job done, it's about giving your pet a good life. You can't just ask anyone for help because no one is going to know your pet, the way you do except for a pet professional. For me, it's about quality and trust over affordability and convenience. So I've created Pets of Las Vegas for both Owners and Professionals to UNITE. I'm not a veterinarian, but I know of the best ones in town who will care for your pet and not your wallet. I’m here as your neighbor and friend to tell you who is a pro, who you can trust, and how to provide your pet with the absolute overall best. I hope you enjoy the website and discover some things to help you through this moment in time with your best furry and fluffy friend!

Pet Professional Directory

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